Recycle Technology

At the BRING Project, cotton fibers in clothes and textiles have been recycled to bioethanol.
Additionally, we are aiming 100% recycling by utilizing other fibers and residues that are converted into hydrocarbon oil, coke and coke gas.


Utilizing enzymes to degrade the cotton fibers into glucose. Utilizing yeast to ferment the glucose and produce bioethanol. Bioethanol, which is produced is used as an alternative fuel alternative to petroleum.

Recycle Plant

Our recycling plant in the city of Imabari, Ehime Prefecture produces bioethanol from cotton fibers. Located within the premises of a local fabric manufacturer, the plant utilizes the existing facilities and equipment to achieve more efficient operations.
The main equipment that we use includes a 5,700-liter mash tun, a 6,000-liter fermenter, and a 25,000-liter storage tank, with capacity expansion possible depending on the volume of materials collected.
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